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Innovation technologies in the startups – creativity in business model

In the past most startups occurred because a new technology had come along that would provide solution to a problem that could not be solved previously.


What I learned from my summer at IDEO

on Post-it doodles

I interned with IDEO’s digital shop this summer. And in a way similar to how I said hello to the company, I wanted to capture my favorite memories with some amateur doodling!

Here are some best micro moments as doodled on a ridiculous collection of Post-it notes:

Hearing founders tell the IDEO story

The interns had weekly breakfasts with company leadership. And during a particularly memorable session, David and Tom recounted IDEO’s epic founding story. F




Recommending Pedro Custódio’s deck: Designing our Customers Experience

There’s just too much of everything!

Choices are good, but hard to make! Product features first, Product design next used to be central to developing new products and attached services, but clearly we’ve passed those days, so if it’s not about features, nor it’s design how do we create meaningful and attractive differentiation for our future products and services propositions?

Orange You Glad? by OhhSnappItsMegg on deviantART





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