Q: How to Design a Product They Can’t Live Without A: Leverage Emotion


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Entrepreneurs don’t always understand the role emotions play in creating products consumers can’t live without. Nir Eyal, author of the book Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products explains the importance of these connections in a keynote speech at Alley NYC, a co-working space. Learn more about emotional triggers and how you can maximize them in this short video.

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Service is Not a Secret: 8 Steps to a Customer Service Revolution

Customer service training initiatives have proven vital, but only if they are focused on results and their objectives are clearly mapped to goals

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Innovation technologies in the startups – creativity in business model

In the past most startups occurred because a new technology had come along that would provide solution to a problem that could not be solved previously.

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What I learned from my summer at IDEO

on Post-it doodles

I interned with IDEO’s digital shop this summer. And in a way similar to how I said hello to the company, I wanted to capture my favorite memories with some amateur doodling!

Here are some best micro moments as doodled on a ridiculous collection of Post-it notes:

Hearing founders tell the IDEO story

The interns had weekly breakfasts with company leadership. And during a particularly memorable session, David and Tom recounted IDEO’s epic founding story. F

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