Why Aren’t Smartphones Making Us More Productive?

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An estimated 130 million smartphones are roaming U.S. streets, but economists haven’t been able to measure how they improve worker productivity. (With 130 million smartphones in U.S., economists have yet to detect an increase in our productivity.

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Forrester Forecast US Online retailers 2010-2016

松井玲奈This week is about retail. Impressive figures and – at least – kind of a disruptive innovation. What do you think?

Flinke omzetgroei voor e-commerce verwacht

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Why You Should Use Co-Creation To Build A Better Product In 2011 | Forrester Blogs

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Not that recent. But it is my firm belief that many of us still deny the benefits. Let’s day that co-creation will be used to design better services in 2012.

Found at Why You Should Use Co-Creation To Build A Better Product In 2011 | Forrester Blogs.


I’ve written a lot about co-creation over the past 9 months, demonstrating how it helps consumer product strategy (CPS) professionals develop better products. A majorityof companies are not yet using social technologies to involve consumers in the product development process, but that will soon change.  We expect an increasing number of companies to move from the education phase into the experimental phase in 2011 and 2012 — or risk being left behind while their competitors move forward. Why do we expect co-creation to take off over the next two years?  The research provides a compelling case:

Why You Should Use Co-Creation To Build A Better Product In 2011 | Forrester Blog



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IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com

Found at IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com.

The consumerisation of technology in the workplace, whereby users bring in their own devices and even sign up to their own choice of cloud systems, is drastically changing the role of the IT department.

5 Reasons Why CIOs Can’t Ignore Consumerization of IT

Read all at IDC: Technology Consumerization is Overhauling the IT Role CIO.com.

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Seth’s Blog: Self directed effort is the best kind

After a two-months break I recently started again working in the gym.  The effect of my exercise is better than stated here. But the underlying principle is so true.

Found at Seth’s Blog: Self directed effort is the best kind.

How much are you paying for a drill sergeant?

Perhaps you can burn 500 calories on the treadmill before you give up for the day. With a personal coach, though, you could do 700. The trainer gets you to exert more effort.

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Miikka Leinonen’s Unboxing the world of motives

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A War of Enlightenment Against Marketing Jargon

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Midst 2010 I syndicated Hugo Martin’s tip about an alternative view of Gartner’s quadrantHunter Richard’s asked me to publish his one. Which I did because I liked his meta-approach too

Hope u can enjoy it too !

Found at A War of Enlightenment Against Marketing Jargon.

Streamline business processes. Enhance workflow. Increase visibility. Do these really mean anything? Let’s face it – ERP, CRM, and accounting system vendors talk a lot of nonsense about their products. Inspired by Gartner‘s magic quadrants, I’ve decided to put this marketing jargon in its place. The quadrant below classifies the most common phrases, sorted by degree of overuse and lack of meaning. Hover your mouse over a given phrase to see my snarky comments.

Read more: http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/accounting/a-war-of-enlightenment-against-marketing-jargon-1040411/#ixzz1J6k8vYI2

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