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Sometimes it’s the little things that make life better. Like the DVD envelop buried beneath my pile of mail—a reminder that for a low monthly cost I can enjoy unlimited movies with no late fees.

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What Sells CEOs on Social Networking

500px / Photo “Time” by Nakarate RungkawatFoun at What Sells CEOs on Social Networking.

Six years ago, MIT Sloan’s Andrew McAfee coined the term “Enterprise 2.0” as shorthand for what collaboration and sharing tools such as blogging and wikis (and, today, Twitter) would mean for enterprises. In a Q&A, he talks about how CEOs see this world today — and what really sells them on the tools.

Read all at What Sells CEOs on Social Networking.

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The Rise of the New Groupthink –

<p>And that’s me, enslaved by the books (by AnnuskA  – AnnA Theodora)<br />
” />Found at <a href=The Rise of the New Groupthink –

SOLITUDE is out of fashion. Our companies, our schools and our culture are in thrall to an idea I call the New Groupthink, which holds that creativity and achievement come from an oddly gregarious place. Most of us now work in teams, in offices without walls, for managers who prize people skills above all. Lone geniuses are out. Collaboration is in.

Read all at The Rise of the New Groupthink –

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Gladwell, Godin and Vaynerchuk Mitch Joel

<p>Just a bike (by Alex Maga)<br />
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<p>True. Tweak, tweak and tweak.</p>
<p>Found at <a href=The Deception Of Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk | Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Blog – By Mitch Joel at Twist Image.

You will never make it unless you work harder and much faster.

It’s funny how Malcolm GladwellSeth GodinGary Vaynerchuk and others (including me) are often criticized because their work is mis-interpreted as,“in order to accomplish what these authors are saying, you have to give up everything and only focus on work,” or that these people’s success is directly linked to a lack of sleep, energy levels or ignoring family responsibilities.

Read all at The Deception Of Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk | Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Blog – By Mitch Joel at Twist Image.

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Accenture research_2012_consumer_technology_report

teachingliteracy: An Inner World (by Santi Xander)

The data is in and the findings are clear: The movement to mobility is in full throttle. Smartphones and tablets are the “power players” in consumer electronics products growth rates, helping consumers use their virtual network to access a growing portfolio of content, services and apps. The 2012 Consumer Electronics Trends Study shows consumers enthusiastically making their networked lives more robust: Connecting in more than one way and on multiple devices, consuming more content, and doing it all on the go.

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On Social Media Becoming Social Business – David Armano

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For a clue to social media’s future, we need not look much further than Washington. On the one hand, you have “Weinergate,” former NY Senator Anthony Weiner‘s Twitter fiasco, which was essentially user error.

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