Making Clients Part of the Design Process

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How to Increase Your Productivity by 500%


It is true. It is not easy. And may be the author exaggerates  a little.

Found at How to Increas e Your Productivity by 500%.

I have heard some of these tips over and over again. I dismissed them and never used them because I thought they were nonsense.

You see, we have all these tips around us that can dramatically increase our productivity, but we fail to incorporate them into our life.

Oh, how wrong I was! Read more at 

How to Increas e Your Productivity by 500%.

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Tip: Social Bookmarking – The land time forgot

Found at Social Bookmarking – The land time forgot.

In an online world filled with likes & retweets the lowly bookmark is in a state of severe neglect. The social world is developing a myriad of ways to share content and judge what’s popular while disregarding the value in organizing & discovering useful content.

To illustrate my point: You know that really cool how-to article you tweeted 3 weeks ago? Can you find it again?

There is a good chance that the answer is no. What we we have gained in real-time information we have lost in short term memory.

Bookmarking is still the only way to create a reference library of online content. The web browser bookmark (or favorite) was introduced in the early 90s in the Mosaic browser and this decade we saw the bookmark transformed with social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking holds plenty of potential that is largely ignored.

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Reading How Companies are Using Social Media to Make Better Decisions

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How Companies are Using Social Media to Make Better Decisions
Smart companies know that their richest source of insight is their own employees. Here are some ways enterprise can use social media to make better decisions.
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Recommended: Tokutek | A Social Networking Case Study

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Tokutek |  A Social Networking Case Study
#SocialMedia: Tokutek | A Social Networking Case Study
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