Sell Yourself Better 1.0 by Jason Mesut

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<p>These are Jason Mesut’s slides for hisLightening UX <a class=Lisbon talk around User Experience people selling themselves better. There is a deeper focus on portfolios which are 80% bad in his experience, but not just for new jobs. See more at

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Summation: The Entrepreneur vs. The Strategy Consultant

Found at Summation: The Entrepreneur vs. The Strategy Consultant.

The Entrepreneur is very different from the typical McKinsey-esque strategy consultant. Both are extremely smart, driven, persistent, creative, and determined. But I have found that there are some major differences.

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Seth’s Blog: Organizing for joy

Joy and let not us forget the relevance of joy for customers

Found at Seth’s Blog: Organizing for joy.

Organizing for joy

Traditional corporations, particularly large-scale service and manufacturing businesses, are organized for efficiency. Or consistency. But not joy.

McDonalds, Hertz, Dell and others crank it out. They show up. They lower costs. They use a stopwatch to measure output.

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Sylvian Cotton’s On design thinking

Found at On design thinking.

There is a lot of buzz in recent years in the business, public service and academic communities about what is called “design thinking”.

As I am running a consultancy that proposes to use design thinking as a framework for innovation in business and in public services, I feel liable to express my view on it. The concept has been made popular by David Kelley, the founder of the world leading design & innovation consultancy IDEO and by Tim Brown, it’s current CEO.

My brief definition would be

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Must read: Why We All Hate Consultants (and Why It’s Okay) @nilofer’s posterous

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Crazy to see the lost relevance of many consultants.  How to fell from once being a true professional to being a slick prostitute.  And yes, they always ask for what u want and u always have the feeling that u paid too much: i’m talking about the consultants!

Found at  Why We All Hate Consultants (and Why It’s Okay) – nilofer’s posterous.

Why We All Hate Consultants (and Why It’s Okay)

When my company is stuck, I’m just as inclined to hire an outside advisor as other leaders are. But I hate it. Hiring a consultant means something needs to be fixed, or grown, or that I don’t know what to do next. I’m not talking about contractors whom I hire to do what I need and they are supplemental labor. I’m talking the consultants where I hire them to advise me. Hiring them usually means we’ve already failed in our first effort. It mostly means we are vulnerable. We need. So I believe we should all hate consultants. You probably already do. It’s okay. I give you permission.

Consultants do 3 things that suck.

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