Published: Introducing Design Thinking to the Enterprise – the Claudia Kotchka way


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Last week I had the chance to watch a short, and precise Keynote of the d.Vision-Day at the by Claudia Kotchka on her great work a Procter and Gamble, where she was responsible for implementing the change towards a design thinking centered culture. To be in line with her very condensed and simple but insightful talk, I’ll make this one short.


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Recommended download: Executive Guide to Design Thinking | Mariposa Leadership

See on Scoop.itDesigning design thinking driven operations

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

BRAND NEW!  Mariposa Leadership is thrilled to bring you excerpts from Design Thinking experts!  Sue Bethanis kicks it off with Leader as Designer, an essay on how leaders can utilize Design Thinking  to move from idea-to-innovation. The ensuing 12 chapters are outlines from Sue’s 2012 Wise Talk interviews. The summaries include each guest’s insights, what we found most interesting, and some practical tools.

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The Struggle Continues in Measuring the Value of Design | Design Sojourn

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I am not quite sure the context of design. The old design approach, design thinking, service design and so on.  But any way, still imperative to reflect about how it (and u) contributes to value creation


Found at The Struggle Continues in Measuring the Value of Design | Design Sojourn.

It’s not easy describing the value of design. Even looking to describe the value of design being optimistic. I often get by by reducing the discussion to 2 scenarios; what happens when design is used and when design is not. So it did not come as a surprise to me that at the recent Design Management Institute (DMI) meet up in Copenhagen, they concluded that the value of design can’t be measured”…or at least not in any standardized way.”

Read all at The Struggle Continues in Measuring the Value of Design | Design Sojourn.

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Andrew Karpie » Service Design

<p>On the Street….Via Manzoni, Milan<br />
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<p>Working in the <a class=Netherlands, I can not confirm that 75% is below sea-level. But yes, services is that important (although government and management does not always behave that accordingly)

Found at Andrew Karpie » Service Design.

Service Design? You could say it’s a “movement” — because “move” it has — clear out of the United States in the early 1990s.  To where?  Fled to Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm — places like that, which have traditionally welcomed and harbored refugees from intellectual and spiritual persecution. 

Read all at t Andrew Karpie » Service Design.

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David Armano’s Human Business Is Social Business

Last week David Armano  had the honor of performing the opening Keynote at Community Conference 2011 hosted in Copenhagen Denmark. A delightful, high quality event with attendees coming from all parts of Scandinavia and Europe, it also featured talks from Dell’s Bill Johnston and Good Magazine’s Max Schorr.

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Promoting 29th Global CEM Certification Program on March 22-23 Amsterdam

Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program
is designed and developed based on the U.S. patent-pending Branded CEM Method and co-delivered by G-CEM International Partners from North America, Europe and Asia. Endorsed by 9 leading authorities, the program is the only internationally recognized CEM certification program continuously running and expanding in different parts of the world. Since 2006, the program has been successfully held in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and San Francisco. Up till now, the program has drawn hundreds of attend

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Full disclosure: published after a request of Sampson Lee and being positive about his case

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