Social Customer Service: Creating Customer Experience Online

Social Media Club of Los Angeles presents a panel dedicated to sharing insights from top practictioners in social customer service. Customer care is an imperative part of any consumer-facing business.

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Customer Satisfaction | Customer Satisfaction Is a Commodity

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_8

And the experience and the perceived value. How to avoid these traps?

Found at Customer Satisfaction | Customer Satisfaction Is a Commodity.

What sets today’s leading brands—companies like Apple, Nike, General Electric, and P&G—apart from their competitors isn’t just well-made products or reasonable prices.

Read all at Customer Satisfaction | Customer Satisfaction Is a Commodity.

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Customer satisfaction and customer experience: 2 very different things | CustomerThink

paris87:  San Diego, keepin it classy.

Found at Customer satisfaction and customer experience: 2 very different things | CustomerThink.

It may seem to go against everything you learned in business school, but making your customers happy isn’t the same as delivering a good customer experience.


To be continued at Customer satisfaction and customer experience: 2 very different things | CustomerThink.

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The Rise of Customer Satisfaction

Found at The Rise of Customer Satisfaction.

As Google pursues its mission of making all public knowledge searchable, it has offered a new search tool, the Books Ngram Viewer (ngram being jargon for “word or phrase”). This lets you take a long view on linguistic trends, seeing the usage of phrases across published books over literally centuries.

Covering “just” the last 100 years, the chart below shows the rise in occurrences of customer satisfactioncompared to market research and employee satisfaction. This is as a percent of all two-word phrases in books in this Google search engine (i.e., customer satisfaction peaked at 0.0001% of such phrases). Clearly, customer satisfaction has come from nowhere to overtake market research:

CSAT book mentions 11 year rolling average

This is also an example of how charts can lie

To be continued at The Rise of Customer Satisfaction.

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Are your Call Center Survey Questions Delivering the Wrong Answers?

Are your Call Center Survey Questions Delivering the Wrong Answers? | CustomerThink.

Using biased post-call survey results is highly dangerous as operational and call center agent decisions will be based on flawed information. The following are some of the common pitfalls you may not have considered with your call center survey.

Biases and errors can arise from a variety of sources



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Recommended Gartner post: Social Software? Ask your cable provider the connection to CRM.

Found at http://blogs.gartner.com/michael_maoz/2010/07/15/social-software-ask-your-cable-provider-the-connection-to-crm/

Twitter and facebook and social media monitoring are having just about zero effect in improving customer service in the cable business. In fact, one might argue that every moment spent on these efforts is a setback for the customer. Observing cable provider customers and listening to their stories, it would seem more prosaic projects would go a lot further in lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction.

To be continued at http://blogs.gartner.com/michael_maoz/2010/07/15/social-software-ask-your-cable-provider-the-connection-to-crm/

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