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Recommending Pedro Custódio’s deck: Designing our Customers Experience

There’s just too much of everything!

Choices are good, but hard to make! Product features first, Product design next used to be central to developing new products and attached services, but clearly we’ve passed those days, so if it’s not about features, nor it’s design how do we create meaningful and attractive differentiation for our future products and services propositions?

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Measure What Matters Most: A Marketer’s Guide – Think with Google

To make sense of today’s complex customer journey, better measurement is critical. In this guide, we’ll look at the four tenets of measurement-focused marketing: choosing the right metrics, focusing on your best customers, valuing the customer’s whole journey to purchase and proving impact. Used collectively, these tenets can improve campaign success.


It’s no secret that it takes many marketing touchpoints to connect with a customer, find a quality lead or make a sale. But how do you know the right message to deliver at each point in that journey? How do you ensure that your investments are working and that you’re not wasting money and resources—or worse, alienating your customers?

Better measurement is the answer. It’s the key to understanding and making the most of these interconnected touchpoints, but it’s not always top of mind when building marketing campaigns. Lay your measurement foundation first—before you dive into the creative work—and you can achieve more with marketing.


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Article: Does Anyone Really Use Social for Customer Service?

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by belovaan on deviantART

Many firms began using social media for some form of customer service just as soon as consumers started tweeting and posting complaints about their brands online—and while the decision to respond to those messages may have been a good one, transferring significant customer service functionality to social sites may not be a good idea. Even for the simplest of inquiries, the vast majority of consumers prefer other forms of communication.
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What is Customer Experience Management (CXM)?

Customer loyalty has always been an obsession for those who sell on more than price. Over the years, this idea has expressed itself in many different ways, from the sloganeering of “The customer’s always right” to the establishment of customer service as a department to the practice of customer relationship management (CRM) and the use of technology to manage customer data.


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