Bad Reasons For NOT Having A Chief Customer Officer | Forrester Blogs

Narnia by *LongBeautifulDay on deviantARTProbably the same assumption that customer relations can be managed. I prefer chief customer experience officer or something like that.  Something that is also the elaboration of the author in his post…What do you prefer?

Found at Bad Reasons For NOT Having A Chief Customer Officer | Forrester Blogs.

I recently updated our research on enterprisewide customer experience leaders, who we refer to as “chief customer officers” or CCOs. While they often don’t have that exact title, we identified around 600 individuals who carry a mandate to improve the end-to-end customer experience at their company. We did some deeper research on close to 200 of them in order to understand the general profile of these people as well as how their positions are structured within their companies.

Forrester has witnessed a marked increase in the position over the past six years.

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Do Not Blame E-Commerce For A Retailer’s Troubles – Seeking Alpha

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<p>(by Matteo Vaccari)<br /><br />
” />Indeed, not able (or willing) to adapt to a changing context! From my own experience in the retail field as professional and person. What do you think?</p>
<p>Found at <a href=Do Not Blame E-Commerce For A Retailer’s Troubles – Seeking Alpha.

For years we have all been told that online retailers, led by Amazon (AMZN), would be the death knell of physical retailers. We’ve been told that physical retailers simply cannot compete with the Internet.

The truth is that retail, no matter what medium it takes, is all about one thing: customer service

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What does customer experience mean in social CRM? | My Social Customer

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Acknowledge the fact that the customer is in the lead, is my statement!

Found at What does customer experience mean in social CRM? | My Social Customer.

Is CEM separate from CRM?
I’ve seen many vendors and bloggers offering CRM tools for the companies, that really don’t meet the clients’ expectations. Either they are comprehensive platforms with enormous amount of new technology needed to be learnt or solutions for a single stumbling block. Companies consider the whole CRM as a technic instrument instead of seeing it as a strategy. But why? It’s because we see the causation behind the customer experiences as a data that has been gathered into the CRM system. But it’s not that straightforward to separate these two words, since they go side by side.

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MIT Sloan Management Review’s Leveraging Your Employees’ Social Networks

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<p>untitled by Carina Santos. on Flickr.” />Found at <a href=Leveraging Your Employees’ Social Networks.

Examining talent on two dimensions – individual performance and network effectiveness – helps executives identify hidden talent as well as employees who have untapped potential to contribute to the broader organizational network. Learn more »

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3 Steps to Understanding Buying Behavior

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<p>(by yougo jeberg)<br /><br />
” />Found at <a href=3 Steps to Understanding Buying Behavior.
The calls start well, but often end in disaster. Well-trained sales reps identify buyer’s needs by asking a series of scripted questions. This exercise can uncover useful information for the rep, but it provides little value to the customer. For many buyers, the ‘discovery’ sales call is the second, third or fourth interrogation with the same questions by yet another competitor. No wonder one of these sales calls was recently recognized as the “Worst Sales Call of 2011.”

Read all at 3 Steps to Understanding Buying Behavior.

Buyer's Journey

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Customer Service in 2012 and Beyond Technology.. « Wim Rampen’s Blog

(by Saídos da Concha)In my former life as a contact center manager, I always stated that technology is about how things are done.  And the only solid foundation for the how is to challenge assumptions. Indeed, by investigating how customers will be acting in the forth coming years and tweaking your approach.  And as stated by Wim (with whom i worked as a contact center manager) that is not about systems. Although it assumes a very systematic approach.

Found at Customer Service in 2012 and Beyond Technology.. « Wim Rampen’s Blog.

True, yet disappointing
I have to admit though, that I am disappointed with these predictions, because they are true. They show that vendors in the Customer Service arena, are hardly making any progress in understanding and shaping what it is Customer Service managers are trying to get done, now and within the next 2 to 5 years out.

Read all at Customer Service in 2012 and Beyond Technology.. « Wim Rampen’s Blog.

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Contact Center Shopping List for 2012 .DMG Consulting Newsletter: December 2011

Cycling in The Hague (via M A T T K N I G H T)Found at DMG Consulting Newsletter: December 2011.

The worldwide economic crisis is expected to be felt strongly by public and private institutions alike in 2012

Read all at DMG Consulting Newsletter: December 2011.

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Which Channels Do US Consumers Prefer Using?

Via Scoop.itServe4impact: designing design driven operations

We’re working on a report for early next year that examines channel preferences. We asked 5,000 US consumers to pick their preferred channel for completing a wide variety of activities. Given th…

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