How Winning Brands Define Customer Experience

Although many companies are still struggling to define and measure customer experience (CX), those that spread responsibility for CX across the organization, as well as concentrate on measuring long-term strategies, see a significant jump in sales…


Syndication Reaches the New Social Customer | The Social Customer

The Longest Lasting Emotions In Customer Experience – Forbes

The Longest Lasting Emotions In Customer Experience. Recent research published in the journal: Motivation and Emotion shows which emotions last the longest and why. We explore what this means for customer service and customer experience leaders.


Why are we trying to design a "thing" when we should be designing a service? - Reform By Design


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A small eruption emerged on Twitter in response to my article that covered the Adaptive Path acquisition. At the root of it was a conversation about the differences and overlaps between user experience (UX) and service design. Patrick Quattlebaum, managing director at Adaptive Path and esteemed former colleague sat down with me to see if we could suss out the overlaps and distinctions between each approach. Topic: Customer Experience.


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