Reading recommended: OneBeep offers one-way connectivity to remote communities

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Reading recommended: OneBeep offers one-way connectivity to remote communities

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Reading 5 ways Facebook Places could be used by marketers

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Reading 5 ways Facebook Places could be used by marketers – Facebook Places launched in the US last week laying clai…


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Recommended: Summer Reading for Service Designers @Design for Service

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If y read a book, u have to apply its insights, says a Chinese verb. This found post may create many insights. May these books (or any other) benefit u on the personal, professional or organizational level.

Great summer reading!

Found at Summer Reading for Service Designers « Design for Service.

Good books on service design are few and far between. I’veput together lists in the past and so have other designers but unless you’ve actually read the books it’s tough to see the connections sometimes. Service designers draw inspiration from across disciplines and that means that a raw list isn’t always enough of a roadmap for people to triage unfamiliar reading.

Earlier this year I starting wondering whether I could adapt the system I built for organizing service design research papers to the task of organizing books. Something that could build context and uncover the “why” behind recommendations.

I’ve been working with that idea off and on for a few months now and I think it’s finally ready to launch.

Service Design Books is a co-created library of recommended reading for service designers. It’s a community website. Anyone can add a book to the library and add ratings, tags or comments to help people make sense of an emerging field.

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Recommended deck nbrier’s Thinking About Innovation

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