Recommended: T-Mobile Loses Customers

1947 Columbia Girl’s Bicycle (by Marty4650)

Living in the Netherlands, I also remember how T-Mobile’s performance for a certain customer resulted in a very bad press for customer service. And a industry organization  unable (or unwilling) to really invest in any substantial improvements.  My prediction: to be continued by politicians in the fall of this year.

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Generation Gmail poses major risk to firms’ security

Pay-off might be a higher productivity and effectiveness. I still believe that Gmail and its associated functionality (Rapportive, Gist, Producteev, Boomerang) makes me – working on schedule, tasks and mail – 15% more efficient. Results in my case in a net productivity gain of 2%.

Found at Generation Gmail poses major risk to firms’ security – Ireland’s CIO and strategy news and reports service –

Some 85pc of workers under 25 admit they send work-related emails or documents to or from personal email accounts, like Gmail or Hotmail. ‘Generation Gmail’ finds corporate mailbox sizes too constrained and work around this hurdle.

Read more at eneration Gmail poses major risk to firms’ security – Ireland’s CIO and strategy news and reports service –

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Inbox Zero: How to Become an Email Ninja

sfide cittadine 2

Whether Michael Reynolds is 5 years ahead of our time I do not know. But, it is all about mastery and discipline. Great slides to reflect on some hot trending discussions with regard to how to use email (or for how to use one’s emailbox).


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Analysis of my inbox: 2 out 3 emails I get are from a machine

Let say that I am migrating from my inbox to Nimble or Gist. My inbox,  has become less and less relevant. What still exists is working with a schedule and a task. But – I work in Gmail – thanks to unsubscribe, boomerang, rapportive and GTD my inbox is clean every day.

As stated before: gain in productivity of about 10%, major reduction of stress and even more fun in life.

Same experience or are you still facing email stress?



Found at

Is  your inbox a communications channel? Or is it a target?

To find out, I analyzed a week’s worth of the contents of my inbox. (I did this two years ago,too.)

To be continued at

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Gist. approach to building a better customer experience

(by Sarah Everett)

These are exciting times and challenging times for us with all the great social media tools. We have Nimble, Gist, Rapportive and Hover at the personal and professional level to integrate. What app do you prefer?

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Reading Why Social Media Is Overhyped as an Engine of Growth @DailyFinance

Liège / Luik / Lüttich
Image by Bert K via Flickr

Why Social Media Is Overhyped as an Engine of Growth – DailyFinance
Tweet this: Social media is having a major effect on communication and media globally, but its financial impact is modest. Even giddy estimates of Facebook‘s future revenues — $2 billion from ads and $175 million from virtual gaming — still don’t g…
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Awesome appreciating Doug Cornelius 135 Social Media Policies Databases

Doug was able to list 135 policies.  Great to realize that a certain level of maturity is achieved (assuming that policies imply maturity) in all industry. Great to connect to, create your context and act accordingly. And yes, thank you Doug!

Found at

Social Media Policies Database

January 14, 2010

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I assembled a collection of social media policies: Social Media Policies Database.

So far I have 117 132 in the database. That’s a very small number, but I think most companies want to keep their policies private. If I am missing any, please leave a comment letting me or send me an email:

I have added a column for industry. So far I have the following industries:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Law firm
  • Media
  • Non-profit
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Technology

To be continued

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