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George Dyson, author of Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe , introduces a passage arguing for a more equitable distribution of the wealth created on the Internet from Who Owns the Future?

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9 Reasons Why Using Social Media For Business is Non Negotiable

See on Scoop.itDesigning design thinking driven operations

The Internet has revolutionized almost every facet of our business and personal lives over the past 20 years. Today, we have entered another far-reaching revolution which has created new and different consumer behaviors.

My point of view: it is non negotiable in case your performance is based on connectism. In case it is not (like health care, government, may be education) it is less imperative. But bear in mind that these 3 forms are being challenged by businesses.

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Management by Meaning – Roberto Verganti – Harvard Business Review


Roberto Verganti is a regular often quoted on this blog. Probably because for me his book is still relevant as it was 2 years ago. Hope u like his design driven innovation approach too.

Found at Steve Jobs and Management by Meaning – Roberto Verganti – Harvard Business Review.

Steve Jobs has always been considered an anomaly in management; his leadership style was something to admire or to criticize

Read all at Steve Jobs and Management by Meaning – Roberto Verganti – Harvard Business Review.

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Don’t retweet the revolution | johnstepper

Feel free

Go outside, leave the inner circle and make small real steps in an altering world. Indeed, creating awareness is one thing, realizing goals and dreams the ultimate thing. What do u think?

Found at Don’t retweet the revolution | johnstepper.


I was inspired by all the stories of people coming together to make a difference. It felt like a movement, and I wanted to be part of it. So I tried to become the “social media and collaboration guy” at my firm.

Until something happened that got me off the sidelines.



After more than a year, though, I failed to make the kind of difference I was rooting for.

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Don’t retweet the revolution | johnstepper

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Frank Ward portfolio’s The Drunken Bicycle

Read more and Buy at Frank Ward at photo-eye Gallery.

Frank Ward b. 1949, USA
Bio Statements
The Drunken Bicycle-Travels in the Former Soviet Union
Portfolio Introduction






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Recommended read: Ekolsky’s The Looming Social Revolution @ The Social Customer

Found at The Looming Social Revolution | The Social Customer.

Think of any revolution, they all have similar components: unhappy people, despotic rulers, catalyst events, turbulent times, and uncertain outcomes.  Now, think of the current evolution we are experiencing in business: the social evolution.  Lots have been written about this being a paradigm shift, or a revolution, or a generational shift — but little has been done to evaluate these claims.

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Greenway Roadster

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Recommended exhibtion: Willy Ronis in Paris

Tour de France
Image via Wikipedia

During the final stage of the Tour de France I took a break to see this exhibition of the late great Willy Ronis. Great to see!
View more documents at Fred Zimny.
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Recommended video: When Ideas have sex (by Matt Ridley)

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Talk by the author of the Rational Optimist.

Key takeaway:

“What’s relevant to society is how well people are communicating their ideas and how well they’re cooperating, not how clever the individuals are.”

Great note for those who believe in the benefits of networks, social and sharing.

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Indeed: This is brand discipline!! @Proto Partners’ Service Design Blog

The Pretty Candy Apple girl
Image by NYCArthur via Flickr

This is brand discipline!! « Proto Partners’ Service Design Blog.

f anyone wants another example of how Apple take the care and effort to control how they express their brand, then this image is a brilliant example. If you are in a Service business ask yourself how often your customers see variations in your offer, whether it be through staff clothing, greetings or consistency of service experience.

The way Apple ‘thinks different’ in this instance is paradoxically ensuring by ensuring some things actually stay the same. Most companies don’t possess the brand discipline to stay the course. In this way, Apple certainly think differently.

You might not have access to someone like Steve Jobs as a CEO, however you can (and probably should) take some of the lessons they provide to ensure you provide your customers an outstanding customer experience.

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