Sidneyeve Matrix’s HR 2.0 Social Media Strategy for recruitment and talent management


Disruptive innovation, needed more than ever on the Human Resource management side

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Amy Wilson’s The Business Value Approach to Strategic HR

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Putting the Human Back in HR | ZDNet

Campy wheels…need a cup to catch all the drool dribbling out of my mouth

Found at Putting the Human Baick in HR | ZDNet.

‘Tis the season for career musical chairs. We all hear about executive leadership changes in a breathless media – Google, HP et al.
Further down the hierarchy countless ‘Reductions In Force’, reshuffles and hires are happening this January, with scant media discussion unless it’s a mass layoff, such as t

To be continued at Putting the Human Baick in HR | ZDNet.


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Gautam Ghosh: Work is Social

And just like the rise of social CRM, a social workspace has many implications for management, professionals and persons. Just wondering whether and how HRM will evolve.

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Grown to bits: the future of HR

As an operational manager and as a professional I am aware of the many challenges that HRM encounters. This excellent deck enables me to reflect and act. May be it great for u to construct and connect!

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