How Successful Startups Hire

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Staffing a startup is an art. And while you’ll find dozens of different theories on right-fit hiring in the blogs, books and podcasts of seasoned HR reps and startup founders, there are two words you’re mostly like to find in all of them: culture and drive.


My point of view: it will impact regular HR-practice too!


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Employee Engagement? Let Them Know You CARE

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  It all starts with CARE. Communicate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage. This is for everyone. Not just CEO’s and management. All employees. Communicate. Don’t hesitate. Reach out your hand. In… (Employee Engagement?

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My point of view: not only care but also cure and curate

Coffee (by ‹ Candice Lesage Austen ›)


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Heraulds of a possible transition: Slideshare midst November top decks (1/11 – 15/11)

1. McKinsey The consumer decision j…

Customer are changing, buying power is shifting.
Social Networks are replaces ads and promotion

2. Design thinking the book: downlo…

Innovating is a hard task and generally frustrating, but it is essential to be unique in the market. Design Thinking deals with traditional business problems under multiple perspectives, helping to solve them in a more effective way, leading to new paths. This book presents stages, techniques and tools illustrated through genuinely Brazilian cases to inspire and help in the work towards innovation

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3. KPMG’s rethinking human-re…

A new study from KPMG International shows that the “war for talent” is crucial to almost every business in today’s competitive global markets. However, the Human Resources function is often viewed as being non-essential or ineffective

4. Deloitte global talent 2020 sep…

The economic turbulence of the past few years has created a talent paradox: amid stubbornly high unemployment, employers still face challenges filling technical and skilled jobs. Employers now need to adjust their talent management initiatives to focus on retaining employees with critical skills who are at a high risk of departure and the capable leaders who can advance their companies amidst continuing global economic turbulence.

5. Ernst & young university of …

Ernst & Young’s view is that the higher education sector is
undergoing a fundamental transformation in terms of its role
in society, mode of operation, and economic structure and
value. To explore these themes and future directions, we have
conducted an industry-wide study of the main forces impacting
the higher education industry globally and locally, and the
opportunities, challenges and implications for Australian

My point of view: these download are about human, are humastic and heraulds of a possible transition!

kiyoaki:(vía Food and Cook by trotamundos » Chocolate carrot cake (Tarta de zanahorias de chocolate))



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bcg.perspectives Lean Services: A Primer for Success by the Boston Consulting Group

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Why have companies been so slow to apply lean principles and techniques to service processes such as finance, human resources, accounting, health care, and customer service? One reason is that the waste and inefficiency that can interfere with services are rarely obvious.

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My point of view: to create real value for stakeholders implies designing lean services

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