‘Handpicked for You!’ – Gateway for New Business Opportunities by Nishant Bhaskar

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When I see ‘Chef’s Pick’ on the menu, quite often I am tempted to pick it for my order. As a teenager, I used to wait for the arrival of Reader’s Digest every month. There is something weirdly beautiful about things that are handpicked. Even as internet giants such as Google and Amazon, strive to make their recommendation engines smarter, the good old handpicking thrives in various forms as competing alternatives. Let’s look at four interesting examples:MistoBox – MistoBox enables people to discover coffee from around the world, like never before. The company chooses and sends four coffee samples every month to its subscribers, and they call themselves coffee geeks who know the difference between the merely-good and the truly-special coffee roasts.

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Who Owns The Customer Experience? – RetailWire

Who Owns The Customer Experience?
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Stiletto Magazine Editorial on Behance

Stiletto Magazine Editorial on Behance

How to solve a design problem

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We aim to create discussion, further understanding of user research and establish quality in all aspects of the design process.

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My point of view: coffee, humans and facts/emotions/documents are involved. Not limited to software.

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