The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators

They’re not lone geniuses, big-risk takers, or college drop-outs.

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Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs

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Be frank.

For many years, most of us equated innovation merely with the development  of new products.

How to conceptualize, build and deploy  breakthrougha has become popular. At least, when i look at the excellent recent book publications.

Nowadays some of us realize that creating new products is only one way (and not the best) to innovate. Moreover, more and more evidence is available that the development of new products provides the lowest return on investment and the least competitive advantage. And as a service manager, I even agree with those who claim that all innovation must be founded on a solid service dominant logic framework……

Initially Doblin developed in 1998, the Ten Types of Innovation. It  showed that companies that integrate multiple types of innovation will develop offerings that are more difficult to copy and that generate higher returns.

The Ten Types rapidly became a key tool for innovators everywhere—used by entrepreneurs at startups and by industry leaders across the globe.

In 2011, Doblin updated the framework to reflect how business and the world have evolved in the last 15 years. With all-new analysis, data and insights, one thing hasn’t changed: the Ten Types of Innovation framework still provides a great way to identify new opportunities.

That is the ultimate benefit of their approach. And that is the reason why one should read the 2013 book!

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When You have the Technology for Disruptive Innovation, What Do You Do?

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Chet Huber, former President and CEO of GM’s ONStar, shares that the technology for disruptive innovation is a dangerous thing as the “…technology business is seductively open-ended. It’s like, w…

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Experimenting With Failure, The Executive Challenge – SideraWorks | SideraWorks

Experimenting With Failure, The Executive Challenge – SideraWorks | SideraWorks.

The Blended Enterprise - Alex Osterwalder - SideraWorks


Having just returned from a master class taught by Alex Osterwalder, author of the ‘Business Model Generation‘ and the similarly named canvas tool used throughout the business world, there are a swirl of ideas going through my brain.


I’m quite fond of his canvas and had already used it often, but it was extremely useful to see how he personally approaches the methodology. I can’t recommend the book or the tool highly enough, in my opinion there is an immense amount of power contained in the process itself that goes far beyond designing business models.  It expands the viewpoint of participants and embeds in them a form of ‘critical thinking for business’ that is difficult to achieve through other methods.


The Blended Enterprise


One point that was reiterated throughout the two day workshop was the notion that businesses (enterprises in particular) need a portion of their attention and resources dedicated to constantly experimenting and testing new business models.  Effectively, developing and testing startups within their walls.  I find it fascinating how seemingly different these efforts are at first glance compared to a large scale social business transformation, and yet how closely intertwined they are in practice.  One helps to clearly describe ‘what’ you want to do, the other is a method of ‘how’ you’re going to achieve it through organizational design and culture initiatives.

Now that I’ve fawned over Alex’s work and given him some free advertising, let’s get back to the topic at hand, the need for creating innovation centers and intrapreneurial efforts.  This point is not particularly new,

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As innovation becomes an ever more pressing imperative, how can businesses re-establish the internal relationships and cross-team trust necessary to fuel collaboration, and improve idea generation and quality?

The RSA and CEB convene a senior business panel to address these critical challenges, and to explore new ways of accelerating innovation — and growth – globally.

Panel: Atul Dighe, senior director, Corporate Executive Board; Richard Palmer, innovation consultant, o2 Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 and inventor of d30, a bullet-proof putty used by everyone from Puma to the British Ministry of Defence; Kevin Yapp, chief strategy & marketing officer, Premier Farnell; Scott Edington, head of research and development, Visa.

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Jan Schmiedgen’s Visual Business Modeling | Service Design Drinks Berlin

How about arming yourself with new tools for the next project? Many have stumbled upon the Business Model Canvas, yet only a few of you use it as part of their standard repertoire. Together with Jan Schmiedgen a ‘Service Design Drinks’ session tried to change that. Jan is a co-founder of Global Waste Ideas and wrote his Master’s thesis on ‘The Interrelations of Business Model Innovation, Service Design Thinking and the Production of Meaning’. He gave a short introduction to the canvas and led a hands-on session. This is his slide deck …and this is his thesis

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