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Leadership In The Three-Speed Economy Forbes Responding to a marketplace in which customers require “quicker, faster, cheaper and more convenient” lies outside the performance capabilities of firms run with the traditional management and leadership…

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Lauren Currie’s Service Design Master Class, Innsbruck

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Lauren Currie delivered a one day workshop for 30 business management students studying Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

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Strategic Planning – vital for any business

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Strategic planning is a vital undertaking for any organization. Most successful organizations have a comprehensive method of strategic planning that is revised periodically.

The interval between planning sessions has diminished over the past few years. The interval used to be about five years. These days, it’s closer to 2 years in many organizations. As a rule, the more the organization is impacted by technological developments, the shorter the interval. These days, with the global and national economic system as uncertain as it is, strategic planning is more difficult, but more important, than ever.

Plans do not always succeed in their execution. There are a variety of reasons for this, but most fall into the following categories:

1. Lack of motivation and personal ownership

2. Poor communication

3. Idea behind the plan is too vague

4. Passive management

5. No/poor Leadership

For a plan to succeed, there needs to be a connection with the real world, not just an idealized vision. The real world includes (among others) items such as:

~ Technology

~ Customer expectations

~ Employees

~ Resources

~ Local and national Economy

~ Demographics

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

And your business is also professional and personal goals

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