Social Business = Social Bonding

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Social business activities can pay off in various ways. Earlier this year, MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte highlighted benefits related to better market intelligence, faster customer service as well as improvements to internal operations, such as finding expertise, distributing knowledge and more effective project collaboration. (See our 2012 Special ReportSocial Business: What Are Companies Really Doing?)

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My point of view: bonding may also impact encounters and pseudo-relationships. Not limited to relationships!

Silent Morning (by *December Sun)


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MIT SLOAN Review Social Business Mini Survey Results: Measuring the Value Is on Your Minds

Designing a Social Business

Designing a Social Business (Photo credit: ByronNewMedia)

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Question 1: What social business topic are you most interested in learning about? (Check all that apply.)

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Deloitte | Social business | Consulting | Global | Focus on the issues

Gathered through surveys and interviews across 115 countries, study results provide executives insight into the social business landscape today.

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