It Is About The Relationship Not The Transaction « Mitch Lieberman – A title would limit my thoughts

咖啡 (by iamwen)The title limited in this case my thoughts. And what did Drucker ever state about value? Indeed

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Co-creation emphasizes the generation and ongoing realization of mutual organization-customer value. Historically, organizations spent too much time and effort to extract as much value out of a relationship as possible

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The Perception Gap in Social Mitch Lieberman

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Leads and customer prefer functional and emotional value. Companies often believe that this implies a relationship. But for many leads and customers it is a mere encounter.

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Customers do not want a relationship with your business, they want the benefits a relationship can offer to them. I have been stating this for a couple years, as many people I know have also stated and written about. You may or may not agree with this, as it has seemed like a bit of a political debate, without some really solid data to back-up either perspective. IBM recently published the result of 2010 study, which revealed some interesting data points. I will be cautious, as data can be interpreted differently from person to person, but this study is grounded in primary research, published by the IBM Institute for Business Value and my analysis of the report suggests that it is worth considering.

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Shareable: Back to School: 15 Shareable Books for Fall

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Shareable: Back to School: 15 Shareable Books for Fall.

That crisp hint of Autumn in the air means it’s time to head back to school whether that’s on campus or the school of life. Here’s Shareable’s reading list for the Fall. Please add your selections in comments.

What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers (HarperCollins):

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Recommended read: Jacob Morgan’s What Does a Social CRM Process Look Like?

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Found at What Does a Social CRM Process Look Like? via Worio Preview.

What Does a Social CRM Process Look Like?

Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM or SCRM) can mean many things to many people and organizations. This post explores visually what a Social CRM process for organization can look like.

Social CRM has been quite the hot topic as of late. However, much of the discussion has been focused around ideas and what some would argue as “theory.” I’m not one to claim that I have all the answers or have a pile of case studies hanging around. However, I’m also the first to admit that I enjoy exploring what models and frameworks around Social CRM can look like, perhaps going a bit deeper into the topic by providing visuals.

Social CRM Process

One of the things we haven’t really been able to see is what a SCRM process or flow of information could look like. I’m not going to argue the definition of Social CRM but I’d like to get into more detail in terms of what I think the process actually needs to look like.

A little while ago Chess Media Group, in collaboration with Mitch Lieberman, developed the following image which I believe is a great starting point for visualizing Social CRM within an organization — a sort of Social CRM “map” if you will.chart7-medres.png

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