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roisocialmediabookThe ROI of Social Media: How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment, by Guy R. Powell, Steven W. Groves and Jerry Dimos, is the latest book to be reviewed by FIR Book Reviews editor  Bob LeDrew.

Comment about the book from Altimeter Group Partner  Jeremiah Owyang:

“We know that for 2011 and the foreseeable future, ROI is one of the top priorities for the social media strategist at many companies, ROI of Social Media is the right book at the right time as social media strategists are needing to work the various departments within the enterprise and show that the investments in social tactics and tools are a good investment.

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Social Media ROI By Olivier Blanchard

I did read the book a time ago. Time for some promotion

Via Scoop.itServe4impact: designing design driven operations

Top branding and marketing expert Olivier Blanchard brings together new best practices for strategy, planning, execution, measurement, analysis, and optimization. You will learn how to define the financial and nonfinancial business impacts you are aiming for – and achieve them. Social Media ROI delivers practical solutions for everything from structuring programs to attracting followers, defining metrics to managing crises. Whether you are in a startup or a global enterprise, this book will help you gain more value from every dime you invest in social media.




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Check out these 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Operationalize Social Media

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This post was written originally for Valeria Maltoni’s marketing in 2010excellent new ebook about marketing in 2010. It includes terrific, thoughtful insights from Shannon Paul, Olivier Blanchard, Danny Brown, Amber Naslund, Jackie Huba, Gavin Heaton, Mark Earls, Rachel Happe, Jonathan MacDonald, and of course Valeria herself. Download it for free right here.

Change Is At Hand

Marketing has changed a lot since an enterprising caveman promoted his arrow points as “superior in every way – mammoths don’t stand a chance.” But, the real-time Web will change marketing more in 24 months than in the proceeding 20,000 years.

That’s because the real-time Web and its social media gasoline fundamentally change the relationship between company and customer. Every marketing shift heretofore has been rooted in the company being able to reach its customer in a more impactful (TV) or more efficient (demographics and psychographics) fashion.

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Marketing in 2010 in free eBook authored by Valeria Maltoni

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