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September 14, 2012

Heckmann, Peter; Kesteloo, Marco; Schmaus, Benedikt; Huisman, Robbert

The imperative for traditional retailers today is to integrate across channels — providing their customers the same experience online as in their stores, and enabling them to move between the two channels without friction. Developing a viable cross-channel capability is within reach, if retailers make the right moves in five key areas.

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12 Big Trends Changing Retail Marketing Today by Rohit Bhargava


From the author: A keynote presentation on trends affecting the retail industry – delivered at the Retailer Merchandising Summit in July 2012.

My point of view: back to normal was and will never be the norm

Hello it’s Valentine: French Lessons

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The four benefits of multi-channel retailing

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The following is an excerpt from the free guide “Multi-channel Retailing: An Introduction,” sponsored by Frank Mayer and Associates and available for download here.

Creating a successful multi-channel experience can seem intimidating to many retailers, who may wonder if the effort is worth it. They may not have a choice, however.

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Revolution in how we shop?

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Not for all goods and services. Just, wondering how – based on a location – an online retailer could exceed the online retailer. Will it be mere cost or is convenience with speed also required?  These become challenging customer service times

Found at Revolution in how we shop? | Social CRM World ( SCRM ).

I am at COSTCO. Browsing through isles. My eyes stopped at one item that I know I will need in a near future… Looking at a price – hmm, is it a good one??

To be continued at Revolution in how we shop? | Social CRM World ( SCRM )


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Reading Social commerce – the future of e-commerce

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Reading Social commerce – the future of e-commerce? – We’ve written previously about the value of social shopping an…

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