Nesta’s the open book of social innovation

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This volume – part of a series of methods and issues in social innovation – describes the hundreds of methods and tools for innovation being used across t

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

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The social enterprise by McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum

Social really is here when it comes to the enterprise. Many see the role of social in consumer-focused businesses but have not absorbed what it means for the enterprise. Social is having a direct impact in 5 areas:
1. DIY prospecting: Customers conduct research on products and services well ahead of the official start to the sales cycle
2. Peer influence: Customers “pulse” their peers at every step of the journey
3. Trial before purchase: User testing requires grassroot support. It’s no longer a single decision instance rather smaller purchase bundles
4. Buyer & user are the same: The phenomenon changes decision and influence points in enterprise purchasing
5. Click to compare: Pricing transparency is foundational; consumer expectations are shaping enterprise behavior

My point of view: a social enterprise is not an enterprise that uses social media. It is about creating mutual value


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Civilization faces ‘perfect storm of ecological and social problems’ | KurzweilAI

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Found at Civilization faces ‘perfect storm of ecological and social problems’ | KurzweilAI.

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Celebrated scientists and development thinkers today warn that civilization is faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally malign technologies.

Read all at Civilization faces ‘perfect storm of ecological and social problems’ | KurzweilAI.

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