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New York Times’ Top Ten Photo Books of 2011 a.o Is this place great or what

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It was not unlike a political caucus. The candidates – in this case, nearly 100 photography books published this year – took over every inch of available counter space in the photo department, where they were carefully scrutinized by a group of…

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Recommended exhibtion ANT!FOTO Kunstraum Düsseldorf: 11.Juni-18.Juli 2010

Dusseldorf Bridge
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Found at and continued at ANT!FOTO.

Jason Lazarus
Manuela Barczewski
Aleksandra Domanovic
Joachim Schmid
Jeffrey Ladd/Books on Books
Dean Sameshima
Beni Bischof
M.Wenzel & I.Czak
T.Onorato & N.Krebs
iversität/The Böhm/Kobayashi University:
Samstag/Saturday: 12.6.2010

Kunstraum Düsseldorf: 11.Juni-18.Juli 2010
Eröffnung/Opening: Donnerstag/Thursday: 10.6.2010
Die Böhm/Kobayashi Un

mit/with: Aleksandra Domanovic // Beni Bischof/Lasermagazin // Dean Sameshima //
Jason Lazarus
// Jeffrey Ladd/Books on Books // Joachim Schmid // Manuela Barczewski //
Marei Wenzel/Iris Czak // Taiyo Onorato/Nico Krebs // Wassink/Lundgren

Boehm/Kobayashi // Böhm Tradecenter// Kunstraum Düsseldorf // // Kontakt //

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Recommended photo exhibition: Paul Graham – a shimmer of possibility @Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

Found at Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam » English » Foam_exhibitions » Current.

Paul Graham – a shimmer of possibility
2 April 2010 until 16 June 2010

This exhibition shows works that have been selected from the resulting series of photographic works, Paul Graham published in twelve volumes as a shimmer of possibility (steidlMACK, 2007). Each simple but structurally inventive series includes varying numbers of pictures, from one to more than ten. These series of photographs provide a vivid glimpse into unheralded moments in the lives of individuals Graham encountered on his travels. A series showing a man mowing grass or someone waiting at a bus stop transcends its nominal subjects and describes aspects of ordinary life that are imbued by the photographer with affection and curiosity. a shimmer of possibility is a call for attention to the brief, indefinite intervals of life. As Graham has said, \”Perhaps instead of standing at the river\’s edge scooping out water, it\’s better to be in the current itself, to watch how the river comes up to you, flows smoothly around your presence, and reforms on the other side like you were never there.\”

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