5 Key Trends Supercharging Today’s Digital PR

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In 2012, Social Media will move beyond growth to saturation. This means that digital public relations is changing quickly.

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak about the opportunities and trends in digital public relations at the PR News Digital Summit. Here’s a quick look at what I think social media saturation and mobile growth mean for public relations this year.

1. Beyond the Second Screen

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Three candidates for new PR definition | NevilleHobson.com

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<p>Found at <a href=Three candidates for new PR definition | NevilleHobson.com.

prwordcloudThe PRSA-led global initiative to find a new definition for public relations has moved into an interesting phase as it extends the time for deciding on what will be the one.

Rather than the PRSA and its global partners choose from three candidate definitions, those candidate definitions have been posted publicly to encourage further public discussion.

In an update posted earlier this week,

Read all at Three candidates for new PR definition | NevilleHobson.com.

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2012 Social Media Business Trends | Business 2 Community

(via TheFiXFiXFiX » Blog Archive » Our Friends from Indonesia at it Again… | Girls On Bikes | 2012 Calendar)Too bad that watermark ruins it.And again, look at this decade’s shifts.

Found at 2012 Social Media Business Trends | Business 2 Community.

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start looking at social media trends for 2012. Businesses should get ready for seismic shifts on the digital landscape.

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Watching Steve Rubel: Authority in the Age of Overload

Internet users are now looking to find validated sources within the mix of information overload that we all experience, said Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman during his presentation at Mashable Connect 2011. This shift is changing the nature of authority.

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The New Next: Social Media Influencers Predictions by TrendsSpotting



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Nouvé’s framework for brand based innovation

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Customers Want to Spread the Good News

Customers Want to Spread the Good News.

Is Customer Service the new Public Relations?

At the recent CRM Evolution conference, several of the speakers developed the concept that “Customer Service is the new Public Relations” (several others have written about it as well). Broadcasting your messages before and then listening only after the sale is no longer an appropriate segmentation. Companies need to provide a seamless customer experience, integrate the PR and CS efforts, and engage with customers from the beginning of the relationship.

To be continued at http://community.coffeebeantech.com/blogs/social-business/posts/customer-service-is-the-new-public-relations

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Why PR’s Future May Not Look Like PR

Being a believer that pr, marketing, communication and customer serve will converge and start acting as communication hubs, I liked this post. Hope u do 2!

Why PR’s Future May Not Look Like PR | Futurelab – We are marketing and customer strategy consultants with a passion for profit and innovation..

Last year at SXSW, I handed over the panel I proposed to my former colleagues at Dachis Group (Social Business By Design). This year will be different. I’ve submitted a panel on why PR’s future may not look like PR.The description:
When You Think of PR (Public Relations), your first impression may be of the silver tongued “flack” spinning a corporations’ news, putting a positive slant on everything. With advances in networks, online communities and the ability of the average individual to become their own content producer and influencer—the face of PR is changing, shifting the focus from communications to engagement in increasingly public spaces both online and off.

What I’ll Cover:

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To be continued at http://www.futurelab.net/blogs/marketing-strategy-innovation/2010/08/why_prs_future_may_not_look_pr.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+Futurelab+(Futurelab’s+Blog)

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