7 Do’s and Don’ts: The Latest Trends in Design Thinking

7 Do’s and Don’ts: The Latest Trends in Design Thinking http://t.co/kMOfFo72sQ #DesignThinking #Innovation

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Design Thinking: A Useful Myth | Design Thinkin…

A powerful myth has arisen upon the land, a myth that permeates business, academia, and government. It is pervasive and persuasive. But although it is relatively harmless, it is false. The myth?

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-40 by ~eZhika on deviantART

-40 by ~eZhika on deviantART



Finding the Sweet Spot: User Experience Design, Service Design, etc.

Polienne | a personal style diary: MANGO SALE AT VENTE EXLUSIVE

Polienne | a personal style diary: MANGO SALE AT VENTE EXLUSIVE

Differences and definitions of User Experience Design, Service Design, Information Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture.

User Experience Design – Designs the interface of the experience.

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Social Customer Service: Creating Customer Experience Online

Social Media Club of Los Angeles presents a panel dedicated to sharing insights from top practictioners in social customer service. Customer care is an imperative part of any consumer-facing business.

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Why Service Design should be more like Architecture – Livework

One of the recurring problems with the design of services is that they mostly only get thought of when it’s too late.

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Max Smitty

Max Smitty


NEXT #SD13 kicks off at Sep16. Learn about latest methods and cases in #ServiceDesign.


Meet with service design experts and marketing strategists on September 16 at Radialsystem V in Berlin – hosted by SinnerSchrader and the NEXT Berlin crew. The conference is about to kick off.

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My point of view:

  • If you are in town this weekend, check out http://www.designmadeingermany.de/2013/22155/
  • The conference claims that one can meet service design experts and marketing strategists. Is is a manifesto of the convergence of marketing, sales and service?
  • I do sincerely hope that within a few years the event will also attract the strategic management at the C-level. Looking at the speakers (but also looking at the curent sponsors) be sure that it will happen.
  • In 2012 Paul Sims (Made by Many), Chris Downs (Method), David Bausola (Philter Phactory) and Louisa Heinrich (Fjord) impressed me very, vey highly. I assume that this line-up (and the line-ups) of the next years will include speakers with the same attitude and creative impact.

Go Ahead, Take that Break


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Last weekend, like every weekend, I scrawled a long list of things to do on an old envelope. But unlike most weekends, instead of tethering myself to a computer and working, I sat in my backyard alongside my 10 year-old…

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