The 4 Things #Digital #Marketers are Missing

Today, there’s little distinction between marketing online and offline, which (ideally) leads to a fully integrated marketing strategy. To avoid the chaos these cross-functional strategies can create, check out these 4 key concepts that marketers often miss.

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#CX Competency – Customer Listening

Every day customers tell you about what’s broken and what’s getting in the way of their wanting to do more business with you.
Every day thousands of comments and feedback come in through your comp…

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Social Marketing Trends in 2014 | Social Media Today

A look at some of the trends in social marketing you can expect to see in 2014.

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Massive Disruption on the Horizon: B2B Sales Is Going B2C

Much of my focus is on the B2C world, but I’ve noticed that digital has created lots of overlaps with the B2B world.

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Social Customer Service: Creating Customer Experience Online

Social Media Club of Los Angeles presents a panel dedicated to sharing insights from top practictioners in social customer service. Customer care is an imperative part of any consumer-facing business.

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Social Customer Service Statistics | Social Media Today

social customer service Looking from this year back to last, it’s scary just how fast social customer service and engagement has evolved.

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Intelligent information: New Rules for Managing the Customer Exper…


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Presentation initially delivered at Kodak Global Directions conference, 9-24-13 (Intelligent information: New Rules for Managing the Customer Experience by @jmancini77 http://t.co/78tQ78sgfr via …


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Can Social Business Make Employees Happier?

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Executives who use social media to build emotional capital in their organizations see better information flows, more collaboration, lower turnover and higher employee motivation. Image courtesy of Flickr user Torley.

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