Recommended JWTIntelligence’s deck 100 Things to Watch in 2013

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JWTIntelligence is a center for provocative thinking that is a part of JWT, the world’s best-known marketing communications brand.

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

JWTIntelligence  claims to be a center for provocative thinking. This deck reflect on emerging mainstream trends. Bad, on the contrary. A must read for any professional.

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2012 Social Media Recap; 2013 Predictions by Gemma Craven and Geoffrey Colon [Podcast] by Social@Ogilvy

What were the trends that shaped 2012 in social media? And what do we have to look forward to in 2013?

Gemma Craven, Head of Social@Ogilvy NY, and Geoffrey Colon, VP, Social@Ogilvy, aka the two GCs get down to the bottom of what made noise and what didn’t in the world of emerging media in 2012 in this special year-end podcast discussing 2012 in 30 minutes.

My point of view: it is not the noise, it the the underlying tones that are relevant.

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7 Charts on How Smartphones are Affecting Customer Service | Fonolo

Found at 7 Charts on How Smartphones are Affecting Customer Service | Fonolo.

With the end of the year approaching, the predictions are rolling out! Last week, we were treated to two massive slide decks from respected analysts, Mary Meeker and Henry Blodget. Meeker of Kleiner Perkins released the Internet Trends Year End Update report and Blodget of Business Insider released The Future of Digital. With 250 slides combined, these decks covered every angle of the digital and internet economy, but one area that stood out from both was the momentum of the smartphone revolution.

This past year we also saw powerful studies on the direction of the call center (e.g. theAmerican Express Customer Service study which I wrote about here). When you combine that data with the data from Meeker and Blodget, the picture is clearer than ever: The smartphone is the biggest thing to happen to the call center since the dial tone.

Read all at 7 Charts on How Smartphones are Affecting Customer Service | Fonolo.

My point of view: affecting and altering customer service and business models.

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RSA Animate – The Power of Outrospection




The new RSA animate video, The Power of Outrospection is quite thought provoking and has gotten me  thinking about all kinds of links between empathy and creativity.

In the video, philosopher Roman Krznaric explores the idea that we live in a time that demands more empathic adventurers in all aspects of life.  Empathy not just so we act better towards others, but also because it helps us create better innovations, services and quality of life.  I was struck by the video because I think there is something in the zeitgeist these days that highlights the importance of empathy for creating.

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Karina in Fashionland: Love me

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In The Next Version – Social Business 2013: Less Talking. More Doing.

Found at In The Next Version – Social Business 2013: Less Talking. More Doing..

It’s that time of year where analysts gaze into our crystal balls and make predications about the trends we expect to see in the upcoming months. My thoughts about 2013 are based on the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with social business product vendors and customers over the last twelve months. Below I’ll list my top predications for 2013, but if you only have a moment here are the mains idea that I want to share: 

Read all at In The Next Version – Social Business 2013: Less Talking. More Doing.

My point of view: Not limited to social business.


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Can not wait till it is 2013 :Tech Trends by frog

Yes, it’s already that transitional time when our current year ends and another begins, and today and tomorrow are quickly changing hands. Rather than look back at significant trends of the past 366 days (2012 was a leap year, remember?), froig asked a wide variety of technologists, designers, and strategists across frog’s studios around the world to take a look to the future. The near future, that is. “Near” in that 2013 is not only upon us, but also “near” in that these technologies are highly feasible, commercially viable, and are bubbling up to the surface of the global zeitgeist. frog believes you’ll be hearing a lot more about these trends within the next 12 months, and possibly be experiencing them in some form, too.

Here’s their second annual list of Tech Trend predictions for the coming year. There are 20 individual forecasts and, new for 2013, theye’ve also related each prediction to larger waves in business, culture, and innovation.

My point of view: Indeed, why can we not start with 2013 now. Some doubt about 3-d.

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Deloitte | Is User Empowerment Worth the Disruption | Deloitte Debates | Nelson Kunkel | Technology

Found at Deloitte | Is User Empowerment Worth the Disruption | Deloitte Debates | Nelson Kunkel | Technology.

Employees are expecting access to ever-more-sophisticated technologies in the workplace. Empowering users with such tools can generate value, but is there a point where CIOs should put the brakes on continual technology disruption?

Read all at  Deloitte | Is User Empowerment Worth the Disruption | Deloitte Debates | Nelson Kunkel | Technology

My point of view: depend on your and theirs business model.


Enhanced by Zemanta’s 10 CRUCIAL CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2013

2013 will be the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity: some economies will do OK(-ish), others will be shaky, but in whatever market or industry you’re in, those who understand & cater to changing consumer needs, desires and expectations will forever have plenty of opportunity to profit. A remapped global economy, new technologies (or ‘old’ technologies applied in new ways), new business models… hey, what’s not to like?

Hence this overview of 10 crucial consumer trends (in random order) for you to run with in the next 12 months. Onwards and upwards:

My point of view: check it end 2013 and yes Europe’s is still depressed but some of these trends really emerged, appeared and disappeared.

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