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Listen to the Zappos Interview: CEO Tony Hsieh On His New Book ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose’ with Blake Landau

Tony Hsieh delivering happiness
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I listened to this podcast (from Blake Landau) as part of getting acquainted with the book “Delivering Happiness”. Hope u like this trilogy

Found at The Zappos Interview: CEO Tony Hsieh On His New Book ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose’ with Blake Landau.

In this podcast with Blake Landau, Hsieh explains why “we live in a time where the good guys can win” and how the happiness equation figures into running a profitable businessZappos is living proof that happiness, no matter what the product is, can turn a profit

While 50 years ago companies had to choose between maximizing profits and making their employees happy, this is no longer reality.

Hsieh has captured the attention of the business world with his unorthodox management style and ability to generate big profits. Zappos brings in more than one billion dollars annually without traditional performance metrics. Instead the company focuses on employee and customer delight. Zappos is famous for being a customer service company that happens to sell shoes (and now many other products). 

Surely Disney can’t be the “the happiest place on earth”—anyone who has visited the Zappos call center knows Zappos must truly be “happiest place on earth.” Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness spills the secret ingredients for the Zappos kool-aid and how you too can change your company culture, your career path and your life with some of the Zappos core values. 

Did you know that most people cannot predict what will actually make them happy? Well Hsieh has a pretty good idea and has translated this into practice with Zappos. When Hsieh talks about the “science of happiness” he’s interested in the fact that no one bothered to find out how to make “normal people” happier. Find out how Hsieh has created the new “happiest place on earth” and other powerful management methods that make customers, employees and investors happier. Tune into our podcast recorded at the CM Summit in New York City.

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Reading about Delivering Happiness: Inside the Mind of Zappos’ Tony Hsieh

HENDERSON, NV - JULY 22:  A sign is seen on th...
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Having read about Zappo’s many times, for me Tony Hsieh seems to be one of the most exciting youngCEOs of this decade.

Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose delivers great insights in his entrepreneurial concept.  Hsieh’s tells about his first worm business but also about crowdsourcing as a student at Harvard.

Apparently a book that one has to read for passion and purpose as a person, as a professional and as leaders.

Great post anyway (and have fun with the author‘s disclosure).

Found at Delivering Happiness: Inside the Mind of Zappos’ Tony Hsieh.

I first met Tony Hsieh a little over a year ago…

Jenn Lim, Tony’s friend and “backup brain” was in NYC and had asked to film an interview with me for a project they were working on. About halfway through filming, Tony walked over and sat down next to Jenn, wearing a t-shirt with a zipper hoodie and jeans. He sat quietly and, after the interview, we talked for a little while about what’s important in business, life and traded ideas on the health and fitness industry.

Tony’s an interesting guy. I’d heard him speak a bunch of times before and was always fascinated by his “regular guy” on-stage persona. At first, I wondered if it was just his shtick, but the more I heard him and came to know his approach to business and life, the clearer it became that what I was seeing was largely just Tony being, well, Tony.

Very unassuming, low-key when you first meet him, yet it’s pretty clear that he’s fiercely intelligent, quest-driven and curious. Very curious. Which I, in turn, found curious. Because a lot of guys sitting atop a company soon to be sold to amazon in a deal valued at more than $1 billion dollars lose that sense of genuine curiosity, the notion that every other person at every level can add to your knowledge base and experience of business and life.

To be continued at

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Reading John Ingham’s Zappos: Delivering happiness @ Management 2.0 developing social capital

Found at Zappos – Delivering happiness ~ Management 2.0 developing social capital.

I’ve been reading Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness (like all of my book reviews, based upon a free advanced copy of the book).


For those who don’t know (and there’s still a high proportion of HR people in Europe and elsewhere who don’t), Hsieh is CEO of Las Vegas based online shoe retailer, Zappos, now owned by Amazon.

Zappos – HCM

Zappos’ mojo / organisational capability is a slightly weird, family and customer service focused culture which is supported by a desire to increase happiness in employees, customers and others who come into contact with the company (for more of a feel on Zappos’ unique culture, watch this video on Zappos’ WOW! culture).

To be continued (reading and videos) at

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