Article: Does Anyone Really Use Social for Customer Service?

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by belovaan on deviantART

Many firms began using social media for some form of customer service just as soon as consumers started tweeting and posting complaints about their brands online—and while the decision to respond to those messages may have been a good one, transferring significant customer service functionality to social sites may not be a good idea. Even for the simplest of inquiries, the vast majority of consumers prefer other forms of communication.
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Forrester Says Marketers Are Wasting Resources on Facebook, Twitter

Marketers looking to build stronger connections with consumers typically turn to social media industry leaders Facebook and Twitter for their outreach. But those are the wrong places to be looking, according to a new report by Forrester Research. So few people actually see posts from top brands on…
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SlideShare: The SoDA 2H 2014 Digital Report

Research and findings in Volume 1 revealed several key shifts in marketer/agency relationships and major discrepancies on topics such as: areas that brands and agencies believe are most valuable to clients, reasons clients walk away from agency relationships and the biggest talent shortfalls within client organizations. In this edition, we continue to explore some of those same findings, offering very different perspectives and lines of reasoning in an effort to challenge our own assumptions and improve our analysis of important industry issues.

The meticulously-curated editorial sections within the Report include Industry Insider, Modern Marketer and Tech Talk. You’ll also find an exemplary collection of projects from SoDA members and partners that feature work with world-renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Google, Pepsi, and YouTube in addition to immersive digital experiences for museums and academic institutions.

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Social Media Revolution 2011

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Customer are changing, buying power is shifting.  Social Networks are replacing ads and promotion


In developed nations we live in an unprecedented world of super-consumption. Our economy demands that we consume to keep it growing healthily. Marketing campaigns whisper “buy-me, buy-me”, and before we know it our homes are filled with ‘stuff’. We love to consume and it is firmly engrained as a social norm – a (sometimes) fun, (mostly) daily activity the majority of us partake in. Globally we already consume 30% more resources each year than our planet can replenish. But if everyone consumed at European rates we would need three planets, and Americans have a five-planet lifestyle.




Social Customer Service Statistics | Social Media Today

social customer service Looking from this year back to last, it’s scary just how fast social customer service and engagement has evolved.

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Transform – Transform The Book

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Transform, a book by Christopher Morace. Learn how leading companies are leading with disruptive social technologies. (RT @TCycholl: Excited for the book launch Chris!

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