BCG: Impact Transforming Print Media

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How can newspaper and magazine publishers transform their business—maintaining short-term performance while planning and executing a long-term vision for the future? There are several interconnected steps, starting with unlocking cash to pay for the journey and buy time with investors. Overall success will depend more on execution than insight.


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Intruiging deck: Zoomable Project Canvas for Business Model Improvement and Disruption – vdd university by Rod King

There is an emerging school of thought which advocates that startups should ‘pitch’ their business models rather than business plans. Accordingly, startups should present their business model using a one-page business model map such as the Business Model Canvas. Prominent proponents of this school of thought include Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, and Nathan Furr. This “Business Model-School of Thought” has an ongoing battle with the “Business Plan-School of Thought.” The war cry of the Business Model-School of Thought is “Burn your business plan.


My point of view: A deck that contains very fine insights how to lead!

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Changing Engines in Midflight: The 2012 TMT Value Creators Report

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The technology, media, and telecom industries are experiencing their most disruptive shift yet. To succeed in the new digital economy, companies need an adaptive strategy and a transformation agenda.

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

My claim is that in this decade your customers digital competences, preferences and attitudes  are creating the shift.

Fascinating graphs in the post e.g.:


Really recommended.

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2012 Social Media Recap; 2013 Predictions by Gemma Craven and Geoffrey Colon [Podcast] by Social@Ogilvy

What were the trends that shaped 2012 in social media? And what do we have to look forward to in 2013?

Gemma Craven, Head of Social@Ogilvy NY, and Geoffrey Colon, VP, Social@Ogilvy, aka the two GCs get down to the bottom of what made noise and what didn’t in the world of emerging media in 2012 in this special year-end podcast discussing 2012 in 30 minutes.

My point of view: it is not the noise, it the the underlying tones that are relevant.

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Fieldstudio social design methods menu by Luciy Kimbell and Joe Julier

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[slideshare id=15451201&doc=fieldstudiosocialdesignmethodsmenu-121202085739-phpapp02]

Written and edited by Lucy Kimbell and Joe Julier, it is a resource for social innovators and entrepreneurs who want to use approaches based in design and ethnography.

Sharing this menu is an intervention into current debates about the extent to which toolkits can really help communicate practices based in design and ethnography and make them available to non-specialists. Other recent toolkits and resources to support design and innovation include Frog Design’s Collective Action Toolkit, and NESTA’s Prototyping Framework, and IDEO’s Human Centred Design Toolkit, as well as other resources which focus more on products such as the d-school’s Bootcamp Bootleg.

Where the Social Design Methods Menu is distinctive is
– its combination of approaches from design, management and the social sciences
– its testing and iterating in the field in particular through teaching MBA students at Said Business School as well as social innovators and entrepeneurs
– its view that a toolkit probably can’t do much on its own, without new behaviours, cognitive frameworks and new values, and an attention to leadership and collective action, accompanied by a recognition that using tools changes the user and vice versa

This document is in perpetual beta – we welcome feedback and may eventually release a future version, should resources allow. In the meantime please share with us your uses and modifications and criticisms.

Lucy Kimbell

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

Recommended! On my slideshare account of the hottest downloads documents

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Service Design Breakfast – How to fail in service design – Reima Rönnholm, Palmu

n Reima’s experience, designing services is critically dependent on testing out the design ideas with real customers. Even the best of ideas of ten fail when exposed to customers. The single most critical outcome of the experimentation is the understanding of what is the real problem that needs to be solved. Once the real problem has been identified, the solution often becomes straightforward.


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Smartphones And Social Media – The Everyday Life Of Today’s Connected Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC] – AllTwitter

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Smartphones And Social Media – The Everyday Life Of Today’s Connected Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fred Zimny‘s insight:

The connected life of today’s everyone’s customer. It affects everyone.

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