Q: The essential guide to design thinking? A: Download This Design Thinking Ebook

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Infographic: Building Design-Driven Companies

It is only until recent times that companies – startups, SMEs and MNCs –
are beginning to understand the true potential of design. They have
realized that not only they can design communication, products, and
services, but also to design the business itself.

Only when the business is designed itself, companies will be able to have a
system to continuously innovate and grow by design.

How do you design the business in order to become design-driven? This
infographic should help you.

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User experience design is not what you think

Great user experiences happen beyond the screen and in the gaps. Gaps between channels, devices and business silos.

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Map Your Business Model Network

In a previous post we described fourteen ways to apply the Business Model
Canvas. In this post we elaborate on the idea of using the Canvas to better
understand external parties (such as customers, competitors, and partners).
By better understanding their businesses you’ll come to know their
motivations for working with you or against you and you’ll understand their
possibilities and constraints.

Source: blog.strategyzer.com

Mary Seng ~ Happily Grey

Mary Seng ~ Happily Grey


An Innovative Approach to Customer Experience Design

recognise that the critical success factor in the future will be to put customers first. And to put customer experience delivery front-and-centre within their business. However, to achieve commercially sustainable growth, there’s more to it than just selling a product or service. Here’s a fresh, innovative approach to Customer Experience Design.

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Q: How to Supercharge Innovation? A: Map your Customer’s Processes

The better you understand your customer’s processes, the easier of a time you’ll have innovating and differentiating your products or services versus

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