Must read: Social CRM: Ground zero for Enterprise 2.0 in 2010 from Dion Hinchcliffe

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Successfully maintaining meaningful and sustained relationships with customers has become a critical skill in a 21st century.What if customers were often the best people to help other customers? That’s the basic premise of an emerging class of enterprise software usually referred to these days as “Social CRM” and which I covered in some detail late last year.

The general concept is that managing customer relationships in the classical way, meaning transactionally and one-on-one can be greatly improved by making the relationship less structured, more participatory, and created around an open community model. Social CRM can manifest itself in many ways, including self-organizing affinity groups withincustomer communities or by co-managing customer support requests in a shared, open venue, to describe just two popular approaches of many.

These new approaches do appear to transform the relationship that companies have their their partners and customers and are getting on the radar of customer support, product development, and marketing departments this year. But what’s at the core of this approach that separates it from traditional CRM?

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