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Found at http://dezireweb.info/business/2010/05/05/enterprise-2-0-white-paper-accelerating-business-performance

By oliver.marks

The June Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston USA is seen as the high point of the year for discussion of successful deployment in business and the latest thinking, so Sovos Group are honored to have partnered with Tech Web, a division of United Business Media, to write the official white paper.

Enterprise 2.0: Accelerating Business Performance’, available for free download on the conference website, discusses understanding how you can orchestrate greater value and flexibility from large enterprise backbone applications in conjunction with newer, more agile Enterprise 2.0 processes and technologies in order to effectively support critical business functions.

The ‘1.0’ enterprise software market that powers larger enterprises today has very deep origins and roots in historical core business processes, whose foundations significantly predate computer technologies.

The ‘Enterprise 2.0’ movement in business breaks out of the restrictive document, postal and telephone workflow paradigms that are now over a century old and emulated digitally to model ‘1.0’ communications and application technology platforms.

Some of the shortcomings of 1.0 enterprise software and the concepts they were informed by include:

To be continued at http://dezireweb.info/business/2010/05/05/enterprise-2-0-white-paper-accelerating-business-performance

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