When ROI Represents the Realization of Influence

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If you want to know more about what is the ROI in social media, you should read this blog post and perhaps also the related book. [note mg]   Vincenzo Cosenza is a new media strategist living in Italy who has over the years, designed some of the industry’s most comprehensive infographics on social media’s global footprint. Recently, he asked if I would write the foreword for his new book, Social Media ROI. And, as I’m a fan of his work, it was an easy decision. As usual however, I asked for permission to share it with you here and his publisher agreed. This is the only place where you can read this in English…   For the record, I also wrote the foreword for Olivier Blanchard’s book, Social Media ROI in early 2011. Yes…same name. I’m not a supporter of the fact that the publisher of this latest book did not take Olivier’s title into account.   Read more: http://www.briansolis.com/2012/02/when-roi-represents-the-realization-of-influence/
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