Customer Experience Map: Getting ‘proof of age’ identification prove eligibility for entitlement

Personal note:
At first thought i did not like the map. Not designed well. But this is real life. Map has been a favorite on my slideshare account this week. Hope u enjoy it too.

From the authors:

This Customer Experience Map is a graphical representation of the service journey of a customer getting a ‘proof of age’ identification card (POA ID). This is the (fictitious, but based on a real government service) scenario where a person with no traditional proof of age (e.g. drivers licence,
passport) needs to prove their eligibility in respect of age. The ‘Agency’ provides a POA ID card so people can use it in lieu of other forms of age proof. This map shows the customer perspective from the beginning, middle and end as they engage our Agency and other services and channels
to achieve their goal. It shows the range of tangible and quantitative interactions, triggers and touchpoints, as well as the intangible and qualitative motivations, frustrations and meanings that we can leverage, change, improve during the solutioning work for the change initiative

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