First published here : Customer Experience World London

New ideas and thinking you cannot afford to miss.

The opportunities for Customer Experience are simply massive.

If you do it right you will transform your organisation’s P&L, differentiation stance and brand value more than anything else on the C suite agenda today.

So why are most companies realising just 20% of true potential?

Why are we doing it really badly?

More than 80% of CEM programmes are judged to underperform. These are survey figures.

Actually given the lack of awareness of real potential the figure is almost certainly closer to 95%.

This represents a massive opportunity!

The real impact of CEM on P&L is also poorly misunderstood.

We know those companies that are making incredible strides but those guys are the leading innovators. We can’t possibly use CEM to innovate to market leading position? Can we? Of course we can.

The ultimate judge and impact of successful innovation is customer experience.  Only 5% of companies are judged to offer great customer experience.  Again, almost certainly an over inflated figure because we are evaluating against what’s out there rather than true potential.

What can UK and European companies do differently? This is actually great news as the opportunity is massive BUT and its a big BUT – If you are happy to follow the best practice masses you will miss out.

Source: Customer Experience World London | Introduction

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