The Alpha Version of The Service Design Playbook (PDF, 4.4MB) describes a comprehensive method for the BC Public Service (BCPS) to design great services for British Columbians.

Governments everywhere are faced with fewer resources to meet growing expectations from citizens. Customer-centred design has made everyday activities like shopping and banking responsive to people both online and in person. Applying thoughtful, consistent design approaches to service can help the BCPS realize the improvements seen outside government.

Based on the service design practice and best practices in the private sector and design industry, The Service Design Playbook was drafted with the intention of proving and testing the design approach for BC government projects. Over the last two years, the Playbook has been tested through multiple projects such as; the Hunting Licensing Program, Natural Resource Sector, Residential Dispute Resolution, Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Civil Resolution Tribunal, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Understanding the Student Journey, Ministry of Advanced Education, Starting a Restaurant , Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, and Childcare and Early Years Strategy, Ministry of Children and Family Development.

BC public servants bring compassion and program expertise to the job. The Playbook is intended to help ensure they have the necessary tools and corporate support to make change.

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