What do C-suite level managers think drives their growth?

In our new Chart of the Day feature, we  will share insights to inform your approach to digital marketing.

This will include the latest benchmarks of results from digital marketing like conversion or clickthrough rates; consumer and business adoption of digital media and, as in this case, responses from businesses to manage digital transformation

In this survey by Forbes Insights, 255 company executives, 65% of which were from the C-suite level were asked about which digital technologies were working best at attracting new customers for their businesses in 2016.

Their response shows that social media, Marketing Automation and Digital Advertising all performed well. It is interesting how large the differences are between regions. For example, European execs found digital advertising far less effective than execs in other areas. This is perhaps because ad blocking rates are far high in France and Germany than they are in America or APAC.

Of course, this is reported data which excludes key types of digital media. See our compilation of the most effective acquisition channels for another view of the same question.

This shows the importance of organic and paid search marketing and email marketing in online retail, where these techniques drive much bigger volumes of sales than social media and digital advertising.

Another weakness of this survey is that it is difficult to survey about all categories of digital technology.

Our free Digital Marketing Tools and Services 2016 download recommends 30 categories of marketing technology, som of which, like Conversion Rate Optimisation aren’t covered by this survey.

Source: Forbes InsightsDate Released: April 2016Sample: 255 Marketing Executives worldwide

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