We are very very happy and proud to announce that from the first of july 2016 Zilver innovation bv will become part of the Livework group. This is the story of why we decided to make this bold move:10 years young!In april of this year Zilver celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 10 years we grew to a team of 10 amazingly talented and wonderful people and developed a portfolio of great clients in the Netherlands and abroad. We spoke at conferences all over the world,  contributed to the discourse in service design through the community and academia, learned more than we ever could have hoped for, and met some of the nicest people in the business. We proudly look back on 10 amazing years of relentlessly pursuing top quality in service design, brand driven innovation and customer experience. But as innovators and design thinkers we prefer to look ahead. What we see is a future with so many business opportunities and so many international service design challenges, that it would be a shame to go at it by ourselves.How we met

Source: Zilver innovation is merging with livework! | Zilver Innovation

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