My colleague Peter Krensky and others just published the Hype Cycle for Data Science, 2016.Advances in data science are sparking more creative business opportunities. While much of the hype…
via Gartner Blog Network gbn-feed – Gartner Blog Network  Andrew White

Table of Contents

  • Analysis
    • What You Need to Know
    • The Hype Cycle
    • The Priority Matrix
    • Off the Hype Cycle
    • On the Rise
      • Probability Management
      • Guided Analytics
      • Algorithm Marketplaces
      • Deep Reinforcement Learning
      • Edge Analytics
      • Model Factory
      • Notebooks
      • Advanced Anomaly Detection
      • Citizen Data Science
      • Smart Data Discovery
      • Cognitive Computing
      • Graph Analytics
    • At the Peak
      • Optimization
      • Prescriptive Analytics
      • Python
      • Deep Neural Nets
      • Event Stream Processing
      • Machine Learning
      • Self-Service Data Preparation
      • Data Lakes
      • Spark
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Hadoop-Based Data Discovery
    • Sliding Into the Trough
      • Natural-Language Question Answering
      • Model Management
      • Speech Analytics
    • Climbing the Slope
      • Text Analytics
      • Video/Image Analytics
      • Ensemble Learning
      • Simulation
    • Entering the Plateau
      • R
    • Appendixes
      • Hype Cycle Phases, Benefit Ratings and Maturity Levels

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