Despite peaking fears for User Experience (UX), it’s the design discipline that’s gone large to reach global critical mass and underpin digital transformation across mobile, tablet, desktop and the wave of new ui technologies such as wearables.

Today UX stands to be the biggest single design discipline on the globe and probably in history heretofore. That’s quite an achievement from its roots in Human-computer Interaction and heralds the new wave of UX.

In this article, I look at the seismic shifts that are happening in UX right now; these changes will shift the focus from consumer to co-creator and from metropolitan chic to global reach, thus realising the true value of science based design.

Find out how UX can mature to reach its full potential, to become an indispensible business critical function that balances, human needs to technology in a sustainable business context.


Smart machines start to replace humans requiring a back to basics HCI approach

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