Using a slightly dry but useful typology model (see figure, taken from Econsultancy’s CRM in the Social Age report), we can look at the various development stages of CRM.


Operational CRM:

‘reengineering the customer-facing business processes and systems to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of day-to-day operations across sales, marketing and customer service’.

Analytical CRM:

Storing, extracting, interpreting and reporting on customer data – to optimise business decisions and support customer-centricity.

Collaborative CRM:

‘integration of the front- and back-office processes that combine to support customer interactions.’

Social CRM:

‘Deliver a consistent customer experience across social media, using analytics to support customer conversations and response handling. Integration of social data with broader CRM.’

Read all What’s the difference between CRM, marketing automation and DMPs? | Econsultancy


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