Working out loud is about sharing what you are working on in a way that brings other people to understand how they can contribute to the work that is being done.

When you work out loud, you don’t need endless one-way presentations and conversations.

You put your work out in the world and find unexpected and unlikely partners.

Working out loud is about more than just sharing information; it is key to building and strengthening relationships, helping to identify the right connections, and having the right conversations that open the door to co-creation.

The key benefits include:

Less time in mind-numbing meetings, which means more conversations about what matters most, as you can share information openly in online forums and communities;

More access to information and people that leads to increased effectiveness, because we are working in an open environment;

An opportunity to build trusted relationships and communities with people across geographies, focused around a shared purpose;

Improved ability to have meaningful connections and relationships in our day-to-day lives and work.

Read all at the source: How to collaborate human-to-human with purpose: Working out loud in the digital age – Medium


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