I am pleased to announce new research covering a “Software Needs Cycle for Small Business” available for free on Gartner’s Software Advice website.D

uring the keynote address at every Gartner Symposium for the past three years Peter Sondergaard, Gartner’s Global Head of Research, emphasizes that “Every business is an IT business.” His point is that information technology is now critical to every business.

Small business is no exception.

It is especially true for small businesses in that information technology enables them to compete with larger competitors.A significant challenge for small business leaders is understanding what IT software they need and when they need it.

Most small business leaders do not have the time or inclination to track the current state of software technology. They need an easy way to understand what software is out there and the benefits it can provide to their business. And their software needs will change over time as their business grows and becomes more complex. This challenge is why we are introducing the “Software Needs Cycle for Small Business” (SNC).

The SNC examines the software needs of a small business as it grows over time. It looks at needs in three “phases” including what is needed at the start, to grow the business and to optimize business performance.

Read aller Introduces “Software Needs Cycle” – Anthony Bradley


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