Twenty years ago, the thought of being able to send each other pictures across this thing called The internet seemed almost incomprehensible.

In fact, there is a family video somewhere of my dad and his two brothers sitting down in front of their brand new laptop, and one of them saying, “Pretty soon, we’re just going to hit a button, and the picture is going to go sheeeewwmmm , and then it’ll appear on your laptop.” Then they all laugh, assuming it would be decades before we had that sort of feature.

Read the tips: 5 Books for Rethinking Our Relationship With Technology

My point of view: in business settings, i never like the abuse of relationships in e.g. CRM The title could be better rewritten in something like rethinking the use or abuse of technology. And as often stated, do not confuse technology with tech. Maybe the title should be books for rethinking the use and abuse of tech.


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