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CMO Australia: How to spot a ‘design-led’ versus ‘design-fed’ company –

Companies with a ‘design seat’ at the highest levels of decision making, and tout a ubiquitous ‘design thinking mindset’ throughout the company are the ones best resonating with customers, according to Forrester principal analyst, Ryan Hart.

“Either the CEO is a designer himself, or he has embraced design as the way of working moving forward,” said Hart, explaining companies that have design at the core of all major business-making decisions, and designers strategically placed throughout the organisation, are finding success.

“Design thinking is the secret sauce of these companies. It is not just design thinking with a select group of resources in the company, but a scaled design thinking mindset

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More than a tech trend: everything as a service

Everything-as-a-service isn’t just a new revenue stream or business plan—XaaS is a strategic and operational blueprint that may soon begin upending business and operational models, along with redefining the fundamental goals of core modernization. Many organizations are reorienting their business capabilities and approaching business products, offerings, and processes as a collection of services that can be used both inside and outside organizational boundaries. But doing so means IT may need to revitalize legacy core assets by upgrading to the latest ERP platforms or refactoring aging custom code. Though sometimes-daunting undertakings, these and other legacy remediation efforts can help achieve short-term efficiency gains and cost savings, while laying the foundation for broader strategic shifts.

#Design led firms win the #business advantage (report)

Today’s digitally empowered customers expect seamless experiences that allow them to interact with brands on their own terms, which poses a complex creative challenge. This piece of market research explores the hypothesis that embedding design practices in digital CX strategies creates a tangible and measurable business advantage.

A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by Adobe

McKinsey & Company: #Design for #value and #growth in a new world

Customer choice has never been greater, so terrific design is essential for outstanding products and services—and to build lasting customer relationships.

Because customers demand compelling experiences, successful companies create products with a “hook”—a certain look or unique features that meet customer desires and build brand loyalty.

At a time when demand is restrained in many sectors and geographies, such products can be a source of differentiated growth.

The most successful designs achieve this growth in a commercially viable way by juggling the trade-offs of maximizing customer value within constrained costs.

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