#Digital Transformation of #Knowledge Workf

“ In any given company, hyper-specialization might reshape- according to Prof. Tom Malone, MIT- the organization in many ways, from the macro to the micro level of task assignment. Some of the tasks of a certain role might be hived off, or entire job categories and processes might be upended. In the 21st century, a critical factor in business success will not just be how efficient organizations are, but also how intelligent they are. The new culture of cross-country cooperation and “hyper-specialization” based on scalable learning platforms allows you and your organization to be more productive, effective, and intelligent. Consider how much more finely work can be diced when it produces intangible, knowledge-based goods and the information involved can be transported anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously and at almost no cost: the “Division of Knowledge” as driver of productivity and intelligence has arrived.”

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Competing on Customer Experience

Competing on Customer Experience. Read to know the trending scenario.

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Psst: The Customer Experience Management Cheat Sheet

Experience management requires the right combination of customer feedback insight and actions that result in the positive experiences for customers.

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Do Knowledge Workers Need an Industrial Revolution?

Tools and processes for taking back the work week.

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Q: Needs of the Digital Economy? A: Infrastructure

There will be more than 1 billion new Internet users by 2020. Will the digital infrastructure be able to keep up with demand?

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Q: The New World of Work? A: A new world of work according to sloanreview.mit.edu

/figcaption> How are improvements in digital technology changing the nature of human work? A team of researchers from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Masdar Institute in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, have taken a close look at that question.

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The 6 Personas of CMOs — Which One Are You?

A recent study by Forbes Insights, “The Growth CMO: Personas and Potential,” conducted in association with SAP and gyro, sheds light on the role of the CMO by clustering them into six distinct “personas,” each one distilling a particular approach…

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