Arne van Oosterom 2010 classic! Mapping out customer experience excellence: 10 steps to customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping could hold the key to analysing and improving the customer experience. Only recently, a report from the Cabinet Office recommended CJM for authorities to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service. Arne van Oosterom outlines how it can help organisations – and lists the 10 key ingredients to a customer journey map.

A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the story attached

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More than a tech trend: everything as a service

Everything-as-a-service isn’t just a new revenue stream or business plan—XaaS is a strategic and operational blueprint that may soon begin upending business and operational models, along with redefining the fundamental goals of core modernization. Many organizations are reorienting their business capabilities and approaching business products, offerings, and processes as a collection of services that can be used both inside and outside organizational boundaries. But doing so means IT may need to revitalize legacy core assets by upgrading to the latest ERP platforms or refactoring aging custom code. Though sometimes-daunting undertakings, these and other legacy remediation efforts can help achieve short-term efficiency gains and cost savings, while laying the foundation for broader strategic shifts.

InSites Consulting: 3 steps towards a truly consumer-centered organization | #cx

Step 1: Understand & manage the moments that matter for your consumers

A few years ago, we collaborated with the Dutch airline KLM to help them define opportunities to improve the transfer experience of their frequent flyers. Through the setup of a Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community), we connected with them and asked them to take us along in their transfer experience to understand their frictions and aspirations when transferring.

To our surprise we collected plenty of consumer frictions on board before arriving in the airport for transfer, before the on-the-ground transfer services were available.

This taught KLM to deal with transfer-related consumer needs way earlier in the journey.Many companies have this kind of blind spot, overly focusing on improving their existing touchpoint experiences while overseeing to deliver at times when it truly matters for consumers.

This issue brings us to the first layer of our consumer centricity model: defining the moments of truth and developing touchpoint experiences to suit these moment, not the other way around.

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Sprinkl: Leading Companies Bet on Customer Experience (global survey after registration) #CX

A new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that customer experience is vital for business success, and establishes social media as the foundation for customer experience.

The survey, which includes 600+ leaders from the world’s biggest brands, also shows that companies embracing social media and customer experience exhibit stronger revenue growth and more dominant market positions.

In the global customer experience survey, you’ll discover:

86% of business leaders agree that customer experience is vital for success

75% say social media will be extremely important over the next three years

Only 34% of companies have the tools and skills to deliver superior customer experiences

Leading-edge companies are breaking that pattern by spending heavily on customer experience and social media

Leaders in customer experience have more dominant market positions and post stronger revenue growth (compared to Follower and Laggard counterparts)

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McKinsey & Company: Four ways to shape customer-experience measurement for impact #cx

Too many companies are themselves unhappy customers when it comes to building measurement systems. Here’s how to make better investments.

Source: Four ways to shape customer-experience measurement for impact | McKinsey & Company